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Seiko has discontinued the Messagewatch, and their paging service went offline on Dec 31, 1999, so my watch no longer functions as a beeper.

The only other pager-watch I know of is [The Timex Beepwear], but be warned that it only has a three-month battery life.

How do I use this page?

If your web browser supports javascript, type a message in the field above and press the preview button; you will see what the message will look like on my watch. When you are happy with your message, press the Send Message button. If I am inside my service area, I'll recieve the message within 10 minutes.

If you experiment with the form above, you'll discover that that the Messagewatch won't display the letters K, M, W, or X; you may have to get creative with your messages.

How do I email your watch?

If your browser doesn't support javascript, you can email my watch directly at -----@------.---. Keep these rules in mind, though:

  • I will only get the Subject: line,
  • I will only get the first 16 chracters,
  • You can't use K, M, W, X, or most punctuation.

What is your service area?

East-coast coverage for the messagewatch is limited to New York City, north-eastern New Jersey, and a little sliver of southern Connecticut. So I will get your message if I'm at home, at work, or hanging around the Big Apple. I won't get your message if I'm shopping up in Danbury or off in Pennsylvania.

The New York service area looks like this:

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