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Bondage Bunnies!

This whole twisted saga started when I brought my new stuffed bunny rabbit to work- I got him for easter, and I thought he'd look cute in my cubicle.

When I got to work the next day, my hard drive was full of porn and there were a bunch of "Cadbury vodka-and-creme" wrappers under my desk. Also, there were bite marks all around the edge of my " Lagomorphs of the Midwest" desk calendar. I checked the tapes from the security cameras, and what did I see?

My cute stuffed bunny was wearing a leather hood, with the mouth zipped shut...

being domninated by another bunny in Zorro mask, who was holding a tiny whip.

They spent about three hours dripping candle wax on each other, tying each other up with rubber bands from my desk drawer, and whatnot before they collapsed in a big sweaty bunny-pile.

Hey, what can I do? They're both consenting adults. I just had a little talk with them about stealing office supplies, and asked them to keep the noise down. I don't want my boss to stay late some night and find them playing "naughty bunny and strict teacher".