September 23, 2008

iPhone Program: Workout Buddy exercise tracker

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Just released: “Workout Buddy” exercise tracker for the iPhone. Workout Buddy is a workout and exercise tracker that allows you to define your workouts, add exercises, sets, and reps, and count out those exercises. This app also keeps track of when you performed each exercise and workout, and when it’s time to do it again.

Workout Buddy for iPhone is available now.


  • Easy interface for adding and editing your workouts and exercises.
  • Color indicators for completed workouts (green) due (yellow) or overdue (red).
  • Rep counter with adjustable speed and audio indicator.
  • Adjustable sets, reps, and rest time for each exercise
  • Adjustable workout frequency for each workout

If you have any feature suggestions or problems with the application, please Contact Me

Pro tip: You can swipe across an exercise or workout in the list to delete it.

Video Demo:

Exercise List Exercise screen


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