December 8, 2009

Book Review: ‘iPhone SDK Development’ by Bill Dudney and Chris Adams

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I just finished reviewing the book ‘iPhone SDK Development’ by Bill Dudney and Chris Adams for iDevGames.

The book is available here:
iPhone SDK Development (The Pragmatic Programmers)

August 10, 2009

Dead Panic iPhone Game

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My new indie iPhone game, Dead Panic, will soon be available. More information available on the game’s web site, .

I’m also blogging about the game’s development. My first post, called How to make your first game for less than $1,000, lists all of the resources I used when creating the game.

October 14, 2008

Halloween: Scary Sounds for the iPhone

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I’ve just released “Scary Sounds,” a Halloween sound board and sound fx generator for the for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Click any of the 16 icons to play a scary sound. Use it to scare children, annoy co-workers, or provide background sound to your haunted house.

If you put your iPhone or Ipod into an audio dock or connect it to a stereo, you can use Scary Sounds as a sound effects source. Just click Random On to produce a continuous stream of randomly selected scary sounds.

Halloween Scary Sounds

NOTE: If you don’t hear any sound, your ringer may be silenced. Turn it back on with the switch on the left side of the phone.

Screen Shot

September 23, 2008

iPhone Program: Workout Buddy exercise tracker

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Just released: “Workout Buddy” exercise tracker for the iPhone. Workout Buddy is a workout and exercise tracker that allows you to define your workouts, add exercises, sets, and reps, and count out those exercises. This app also keeps track of when you performed each exercise and workout, and when it’s time to do it again.

Workout Buddy for iPhone is available now.


  • Easy interface for adding and editing your workouts and exercises.
  • Color indicators for completed workouts (green) due (yellow) or overdue (red).
  • Rep counter with adjustable speed and audio indicator.
  • Adjustable sets, reps, and rest time for each exercise
  • Adjustable workout frequency for each workout

If you have any feature suggestions or problems with the application, please Contact Me

Pro tip: You can swipe across an exercise or workout in the list to delete it.

Video Demo:

Exercise List Exercise screen

July 15, 2008

Mind Warp for iPhone

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I’ve released my first iPhone program; it’s a port of one of my old PalmPilot programs. The program displays an animation; if you stare at it for 30 seconds, and then look at the back of your hand, you skin appears to swirl and twist.

Mind Warp is available now for 99 cents.

Like the pet rock, it seems inexplicably popular. On 7/21 it was #67 on Apple’s sales charts (paid apps) with a larger sales volume than PAC-MAN. Seriously.

If you have any problems with the application, please Contact Me

Screen shot

July 11, 2008

4(miles) on the 4th

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New Cannan, CT has a great race on the morning of July 4th. Nothing quite like a four mile run followed by a popsicle to wake you up in the morning.

I did OK – no new personal record, other than it being the longest road race I’ve done. I had a surprising second wind on the last mile; I could have done better if I had poured on the steam a little earlier. Total time 37:17, pace 9:19. 169/203 males(eh,) 41/44 in my age group (ouch.)

They took pictures at the race start and finish line.

July 9, 2008

Finding Cheap Video Games (need help from Digg users)

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I’m promoting a new web site, and I could use your help. Kindly click on the link below, and “Digg” the story by clicking on the “Digg it” button on the left. Thx!

Finding Cheap Games with TenDollarGamer

June 30, 2008

2.2 Mile race in Westport

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Westport Roadrunners had a two mile race on Sunday June 28th; it’s too darn hot for this stuff. This race was a lot more low-frills than the 5k races – there were no goodie bags or t-shirts at the signup table, no bananas and granola bars at the end, and no bib numbers or radio-wave timing chips. Timing was done by handing each runner a numbered popsicle stick (no joke) as they crossed the finish line.

All that was fine though – this race was for serious runners, and forced me to push myself. I finished in 19min 29sec, for a pace of 8:59 per mile! Personal record again! (Although this race was shorter than the other races, so that’s cheating. I doubt I could have kept up that pace for another mile.) I was 59th out of 122 finishers (yay!) and 14th out of 16 finishers in my age bracket (ouch.)

Race Results

Calendar of upcoming races
Club CT races

May 24, 2008

Second 5k Run!

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Sat May 24th, 2008 – I ran the Weston Memorial Day 5K, in Weston CT (about 30 minutes northeast of Norwalk.)

Results are posted online – but you’d have to search for me. I placed 265th out of 456 overall (pretty average;) 34 out of 41 in my age group (ouch!) Time of 28:30 , which is a pace of 9:11 per mile.

So I finished 15 seconds faster than my time from the last race – which surprised me, I thought I might do worse. This was a very hilly course, and I was not well rested. I got a killer stomach cramp on the last 400 meters, on my way up a hill (did I mention the hills?) right before the finish line. I managed to haul myself over the finish line, but my stomach was burning and I had to sit down immediately to catch my breath.

Also, some nice folks who lived along the route were offering water in paper cups, like you typically see in marathons. It was a nice gesture, and I took one, but when I tried to drink it I choked and died. I should have waited for the finish line to rehydrate.

Timing on this race was done with “chips” that you tied to the front of your shoelaces. Each chip has a number corresponding to your bib number, and when you run over a sensor plate at the finish line your time is automagically recorded. Results of the race were available almost immediately after the last finisher crossed the line. Nice system, but expensive I’m sure. At the end of the day, they were looking for some runners that had not returned their chips, and

Drama: Apparently 5 runners were disqualified for wearing performance-enhancing headphones during the race. There were signs at registration stating that headphones could not be worn during the race, put apparently plenty of people ignore the rule, and some were spotted. I do wear headphones during my morning runs, but I don’t mind being “alone with my thoughts” during a race. It’s only about 30 minutes, you know?

My reward: Large T-shirt, a swag bag contaning some coupons, goldfish crackers, teabags, and a shampoo travel kit. Also,going out for falafel afterwards.

First 5K run!

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I ran my first 5K run last weekend – May 17 2008. It was the “Bound Around the Sound” at Sherwood Island park in Westport. I entered almost on a whim – I’ve been running 3x a week for months, but not training hard – but I did well! 28 minutes, 45 seconds; roughly 9:15 per mile (a 5 kilometers is just over 3 miles.)

My goal was to finish non-stop, without resting or walking – and I did. I even passed quite a few people on the hills, since my daily route has a lot of hills.
I placed 31st out of 71 finishers (15th out of 19 finishers among Men 30 – 39). The first three finishers in each class get trophies, but I wasn’t even close (the fastest 30 something finished in 17:10.) I did win a cookbook in the raffle though.

My official time was a little longer than what I saw on the clock when I crossed the finish, probably due to the timekeeping method – at the finish line the volunteers take a tag with your bib # from your racing bib and put it on kind of a keyring. They then either mark the tags with the current clock time, or put markers on the keyring corresponding to the time – not sure, I was too tired to be interested when I crossed the finish line. But a traffic jam at the finish line could affect the timekeeping.

Drama: The first runners across the finish line were not the winners. Apparently they took a wrong turn, and cut some distance off the course. Their times were adjusted to make up for the accidental shortcut. (I’m not sure if they were asked to re-run the missed distance, or if a single runner’s time on that distance was used.)

The race results are posted online:

So I had a great time, wasn’t even too sore the next day – this is definitely something I want to do again, and I know I can improve my time a lot. My reward for finishing is a Fresca Burrito from the diner (Beans, eggs, cheese, and potatoes in a wrap.)

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